Self-care, what is it really?

Anything you do to care for your mental, emotional and physical health.

You can drink a green tea while meditating, or it could mean crashing with a bowl of Oreos ice cream and your new favorite movie. It’s a way for us to take a moment out of our lives to check in and make sure everything’s good. It doesn’t need to be a social media moment, but rather a way to look inward and define our genuine needs and wants. Self-care is when you find yourself feeling uncertain, and anxious.

How do we practice self care? It will be different for everyone. If yoga, green tea, and gentle meditation isn’t for you, then this wouldn't be a form of self care routine. If you're a foodie person, relaxed on a coach and light a refreshing Zen fusion candle, might be ideal for you.

How do you know what will work? To start, think of the last time you felt truly relaxed, motivated or inspired. What made you feel that way? Maybe it was a lazy Monday morning, when you achieved your goal or when you hung out with friend.

Don't forget, self-care isn’t for the benefit of others. This is for you!! If getting dress and showing the world you look good, then do that! But do it because you want to. Sometimes the best way to care for ourselves is doing unremarkable things like zoning out or staring out at the stars—as long as it’s bringing you a sense of calm.

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