This brand new collection features limited edition scents and patterns — The fabric candle sleeve looks lovely and feels irresistible to the touch. Embellished with our iconic Opulence by JAI logo. 

Opulence by JAI high-quality candles are made with premium materials and are designed to burn cleanly and evenly, with a strong, long-lasting fragrance. 

Our coconut-based candles last for up to 60 hours, because the choice of our wick material allows our candles to give a slow burn, and the quality of the concentration of fragrance oils gives a strong yet soft aroma.

Do you have a large room that needs scent goods? Our candles are formulated for large rooms that need that kick! Perfect for bathrooms, kitchen, anywhere that you call your space.

Once the candles finish, they become beautiful reusable vessels to enjoy and treasure forever.