About Opulence by JAI


A breakthrough came to mind when I found a niche that worked for me and others. With my arts and craft skills, and love for natural products. I created Opulence by JAI handmade scent goods for a high-quality experience. We offer the best premium variety choices of coconut wax, butters, and oils.

We believe in 'Peace, Love, And, Elegance' while also promoting 'Self Care, and Mental Wellness.' My passion for creating a serene and inviting atmosphere through delightful scents has led to the success of this innovation. 

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love!”

This is my favorite quote and a guideline to happiness and inner peace.

I am a vibrant mother with a boundless imagination. I possess a deep passion for music, cooking, travel, and arts and crafts..

At the youthful age of 23, I embraced the role of motherhood with strength and vitality. JAI, my exquisite daughter, holds a special place in my heart. She serves as my muse, propelling me towards boundless accomplishments.

My motivation comes from her. My utmost dedication is to continue flourishing as a responsible mother. My path as a solo parent evolved into a source of fortitude rather than a drawback, as it taught me to become more resilient and accountable.


I am an ambitious woman with diverse expertise. I have excelled in the realm of human services due to my sincere dedication to aiding individuals, particularly those in need. Moreover, my background in the mental health sector has provided me with valuable experience as a supportive assistant.

However, becoming an entrepreneur was my ultimate aspiration not only because it grants me the power to dictate my own destiny, but also because it empowers me to forge a life of convenience for my loved ones.


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