About Us

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love.”

This is my favorite quote and a guideline to happiness and inner peace.

I am a mother, a sister, and at the same time a mompreneur with a highly creative and innovative mindset. Life has never been annoying or frustrating to me. I am a lively woman with a profound love for music, cooking, arts and craft, and traveling. With my family around, happiness is guaranteed.

I became a mother at the age of 23, yet I am strong and vibrant. I am a mother of a beautiful daughter name JAI. She is more than a daughter to me. She is my inspiration for achieving greatness in everything I do. I’m driven forward because of her. My top priority in life is to keep functioning as a responsible mother. My journey as a single parent became a strength rather than a weakness because it taught me to be stronger, and more responsible.

I am an ambitious and honest woman with experience in several fields. I have worked in the human services field because of my genuine desire to help people, especially the needy. I have supportive assistant experience gotten from working in the mental health field. But becoming an entrepreneur was my greatest desire not just because I get to control my life, but because I can keep making a good living while also being available for my family. However, it wasn’t an easy task getting this desired life because ideas rule the world and sometimes it takes deeper thinking to find one.


A breakthrough finally came when I was able to figure out a niche that would work correctly for me and my family considering my abilities in mental health and arts and craft. I created our own luxury aroma candle line to bring peace and calmness to every space offering luxury home accessories. While promoting “Peace, Love, And, Elegance and supporting Self Care, and Mental Wellness.” My love for a peaceful clean environment and sweet fragrance propelled me towards the success of this invention. 

We offer the best premium variety choices of jars with extraordinary attractive fragrances that gives every visitor a welcoming scent. That would keep them seated for hours at your place without the horrible feeling of running back home. With us, you can always have a perfect option of candles for every occasion. We are just an email and call away from you.