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About Us – Tye

“I love the life I live and live the life I love.”

This is my favorite quote and a guideline to happiness and inner peace.

Tye. H discovered her talent for craftsmanship in elementary school. From drawing, watching DIY tutorials to sew hair, make custom wigs to doing nails for her friends and personal uses her love for crafting grew rapidly. Tye started to develop her own crafting ideas. Embracing her unique style she began to handcraft scented formulas, candles , room sprays, body butters, creams, body soap scrub, to custom pillowcases now hats and accessories for everyone.

I am an ambitious and honest woman with experience in several fields. After receiving her certificate as a recovery assistant in the Mental Health field. Tye started helping citizens with day to day living. With 8 years of experience as a mental health support. Becoming an entrepreneur was her greatest desire not just because she gets to control her life, but because Tye was laid off. After months of applying for jobs, Tye had to come up with a plan on how to provide for her daughter (JAI) . With lots of cries, prayers and talent, Tye decided to take her destiny into her own hands, turn her passion into a profit and become an entrepreneur.

With her unique and fancy style, she uses her love for craftsmanship to spread mental wellness and the importance of self care. As Tye grows, she strives to be the best mom to her daughter by allowing her to be free spirited and do what she loves.

She became a mother at the age of 23, yet she is strong and vibrant. Becoming a mother of a beautiful daughter name JAI. Tye stated “she is more than a daughter to me. She is my inspiration for achieving greatness in everything I do. I’m driven forward because of her. My top priority in life is to keep functioning as a responsible mother. My journey as a single parent became a strength rather than a weakness because it taught me to be stronger, and more responsible.”


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