On calm summer nights, when you’re feeling relaxed and calm, the sense of smell take's over others. Warm fruity scents with hints of floral and grassy tones which symbolize the sun-drenched earth linger in the air. The cool breeze of warm summer nights, the exotic beauty of the tropics, and the exquisite and delightful summer fragrances were what inspired JAI to create this alluring scent collection. The top, heart, and base notes of this collection consist of the pomelo, passion fruit, and bamboo scents which are forever intertwined with the delightful and warm summer atmosphere.

The citrus notes of the pomelo fruit bring a sensual and sugary allure to the collection. Possibly the most mystifying member of the citrus family, the pomelo had been perfected by cultivators for centuries, with the desire to enhance its taste and aroma. Its unique essence is now being used by JAI to deliver a captivating blend of sweet and tangy notes to the scents.

The exotic and tropical fruity fragrance of the passion fruit captures the essence of summer while bringing sensuality and passion into the collection. A symbol of the warm tropical paradises and sunlight, the passion fruit has always been associated with summer vacations and relaxation. Thus, the powerful and sweet fruity aroma of the passion fruit integrates fun and relaxation into this beautifully exotic blend of scents.

Young bamboo shoots contain a fresh, clean, and grassy scent which can calm the mind and help relax the body. Integrated with the powerful tropical fruity scents of the pomelo and the passion fruit, the bamboo tone completes the collection with its soft floral undertones.

All the scents in this wondrous summer-inspired collection are sure to transport you to an enchanting summer night filled with exotic and natural allure. So, what will your scent be?

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