How Do You Self-Reflect? - Opulence by JAI

How Do You Self-Reflect?

We all have a point in our lives that we don’t know who we are, where we’re going, or what we want out of life. 

Self- Reflection is to have a clear perception of your personality. Taking the time to ask yourself the important questions, how to understand our emotions, strengths, weaknesses and driving factors.

It is important to know these things;

  1. Reflect on experiences that made you happy and upset. Think about what you did, and how you felt at the time. 
  2. Reflect on things you were taught growing up. Analyze your experience and compare it to the principle that you want to follow.
  3. Strengthening Emotional Thoughts- When taking time to self-reflect you are looking inwards. Becoming clear on your core values will help to strengthen your emotions and lead you to better decisions.
  4. Being More Confident- is nothing more than having more power in yourself. It is knowing that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind on.

“It is when you lose yourself, that you lose your way. To stay true to yourself and the world you should revert back to your mind and ask yourself the same questions.” 

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